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Classic Bike

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Video from Cuba

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21. September, 2015
Albania and 4 other Balkan countries, see pictures see PHOTOS.


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The Camino trail. The Pyrenees and the north of Spain 2015

6. January, 2015
Read the descriftion here:


Cuba 2015

30. November, 2014


30. October, 2014


Moto-Mundo now again with a new tour.

Marokko and a piece og Southernspain.

2. September, 2014
With plane to and from Spain. An adventurous trip through the country known from the stories of 1001 nights on your own motorbike! We transport your motorbike from Denmark to the tip of Spain. From there we take the ferry - shortly, and then we are in northern Africa! We drive on paved roads through forests, mountains and desert, over the Atlas mountains to the exciting cities of Fez and Marrakesh, the blue city Chefcauouen and more. The trip goes back along the cost of the Atlantic ocean coast to Spain.


A new and exciting trip.

The Tatra mountains in Poland and Slovakia

28. July, 2014
Visit the historic cities of Berlin, Wroclaw, Krakow and more. Guided city trip in an electric car in Krakow.

Possibility of visiting Auschwitz.

Lovely Tatra mountains with good and twisty roads and small cosy towns.


Buy the Juli issue of Veteranposten

25. June, 2014
Large article about Nimbus driving on Cuba with Moto-Mundo. Buy the magazine or read the article under the "Press" in the menu.


Read JP Explorer today about Albania

14. June, 2014
Read to day a article about Albania in Jyllands-Postens Explorer section:

"Albania wakes of its beauty-sleep. Between Macedonia and Greece is Albania, which for decades was a closed country. It is slowly changing which it deserves because the country has equally much to offer as the other countries in the region. For half the price.

Read more about Albania under Trips in the menu and sign up for the trip in September.


Meet Moto-Mundo at Tannishus

2. June, 2014
Come and meet Moto-Mundo, have a talk about the unique motorcycle trips that we offer. See you at the MC-meet:

Hotel Tannishus - Tannisbugtvej 123, Tversted Strand - 9881 Bindslev 11 june from 18 till 21.


Cuba seen from a motorbike

7. January, 2014
Cuba is placed in the tropic climate. The islands special shape and location has given it a special climate. The winds from the ocean can reach all places in any part of the island. The wind takes the top off the heat and because of this the climate is more comfortable than it is normal in the tropic countries.

In other words the perfect place for a motorbike ride, especially if you have a nack for the Cuban charm, salsa and open people with lots of smiles.

This can be experienced in "Galleri Den Utraditionelle" in Randers from Friday the 14'th of March until Sunday the 30'th of March.

Søren from moto-mundo biketours shows some of the many fantastic pictures in the Gallery garnished with stories and slide-shows Sunday the 23'th and Monday the 24'th.

To the exhibition and both days there are free access.

Cuba has become the most popular destination for Moto Mundo. Moto Mundos concept is adventures on motorbikes and not to forget - your own motorbike.

Just before the exhibition Moto Mundo is on their 6'th trip to Cuba so many of the pictures will be absolutely fresh, but there will also be select pictures of previous trips.



8. November, 2013
The Buddha Route covers the northern, north-western and the western part of Thailand. The route passes through mountain rich parts which is some of the mote beautiful motorbiking roads in the world. As a participant of this trip you will amongst other things be driving along the border to Myanmar from the town Amphawa to the western part Thailand by "The Three Pagoda" and continue to the north-western part of Thailand by Mae Sod. North again towards Myanmar to Mae Sai to end the trip in Chiang Rai. Large sightseeing program included in the tour.


Moto Mundo is changing owner.

21. March, 2013
Moto Mundo was founded in 2006 by Ida and Hjalte tin who together and on their own have travelled on motorbike in many countries, and on almost all continents.

Since March 2013 Moto Mundo has been managed by Søren Vestergaard, who since the late 80'ies have spend all vacations and more on motorbike with the family. The first years the trips went to Norway, Sweden, England, Scotland, Isle of Man, Ireland, The Shetland islands, Germany and France (these trips were done on old Danish Nimbus Motorbikes with side cars. After this the need to go further and faster led to purchases of Triumph motorbikes. Now the trips went to Spain, Andorra, Italy, Croatia, around the Baltic sea through Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany. Again several trips to England and Scotland. 5 times on Cuba with own motorbike.

After having planned trips for smaller groups to among other places Sweden and Germany the interest turned to planning trips for larger groups and further away.

In 2010 Hjalte and Søren among other things planned a trip to Morocco. Later Søren arranged a trip to Croatia and again to Cuba, both in 2011 and 2013.


Albania, Spain and Cuba

21. March, 2013
Albania from the 8'th to the 24'th September 2013 on your own motorbike, on the trip you pass through both Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania.

Be amongst the first tourists in Albania

Cuba February 2014 on your own motorbike. 19 fantastic days filled with Caribbean charm, sun and summer.

The full trip programs for the trips above will be posted soon.

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20. March, 2013


With Moto Mundo and your own bikes to Cuba's tropical Oriente


8. March, 2010
Moto Mundo led by founders Nina and Hjalte celebrated five years on Cuba with a super-tour from Havana to the most remote, torpical end of the island. Local friends received us with open arms, Bucanero-beer and classical bikes. Join us on Cuba!


Idas book received great reviews

30. November, 2009
Ida published her first book "Direktøs" this fall. A book about her motorcycle journet through the American deserts. Its a different kind of travel novel about freedom and the price of the life on the road.

The book is in Danish and can be bought online or in bookstores in Denmark.

Read more at Ida's blog: (in Danish)


Hjalte and friends in Moroccan Sahara


16. November, 2009
Moto Mundo has added Morocco to our list of breathtaking motorcycle destinations - alongside wiith countries like Mongolia and Cuba.


Clich here to see the ride trough Louisianna Texas New Mexico Arizona Nevada and California

pictures from the coast to coast tour is online now

22. October, 2009
We have selected 112 of the best shots from our long tour across the states. We recently returned after a great ride with our superb travel companions.


Moto Mundo visits Galveston, Texas on the coast-to-coast tour


12. October, 2009
Moto Mundo's longest tour and perhaps the best! A brave team of men and women, Ida's age and Hjalte's age drove all September 6000 km from New Orleans to San Francisco through a fairytale of great nature, exiting cities and top-end motorcycle roads: Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California. We stayed in the tallest building in Las Vegas, with wealthy hippies at the Pacific coast, on a ranch in Texas and right in old New Orleans. We entered the Space ferry and Death Valley and next to the largest trees in the world.


Moto Mundo at Classic Race in Linköping aug 2009.


16. August, 2009
Hjalte and Boro (in front of Eskil's Bimota) went to Linkóping Classic Racing to cheer for Hjalte's brother Eskil, that drives a Bimota YB6 i the fastest classic race class: bikes from 1980-87. In a strong field Eskil became # 5.


Welcome to Cuba


19. June, 2009
2000 DKK discount. Reserve before July 19 and get 2000 DKK discount.


Come along to Utah and Colorado! One of our new USA tours.

Morocco and Utah/Colorado tours are now on the website

27. May, 2009
Two of the US' best motorcycle touring states and the magic of Morocco are now described here on the site. Read more about our two new destinations. Morocco is sold out but we'll go there again in April 2010.

Click the image to read about Utah/Colorado.


Meet Ida and Hjalte at the MC Day at Jyllandsringen

MC Day at Jyllandsringen

27. May, 2009
Try your bike on a track, see a motard show, see new bikes and gear and hear Ida and Hjalte tell about Moto Mundo.


New tour - together with Bone's

USA colorado and utah one more destination in the states in our program!

20. May, 2009
Join us for an remarkable tour through Utah and Colorado. 10 days from August 28th to Sept 6th 2009.

An adventoure tour with no support car.

Price apx. 20.000 dkr.

More info to come here on the web site Or call for more info +45 60 60 22 05


Hjalte and Nina visiting the Faroe Islands.


19. May, 2009
Nordens Hus in Torshavn, capital of Faroe Islands, had invited Hjalte and Nina to give a presentation of their travels. Finn Jespersen from the bike-club Ellisakfør had organized everything from sun for seven days, interviews with press and radio and meetings with the local Suzuki and Harley dealers. A full program with bikes for Nina and Hjalte and many long tours around the FANTASTIC North Atlantic islands.


14. May, 2009


14. May, 2009


14. May, 2009


14. May, 2009


14. May, 2009


14. May, 2009


14. May, 2009


14. May, 2009


Click the image to sign up for the Moto Mundo day, it's free

Moto Mundo day coming along nicely!

28. April, 2009
Lots of people have signes up for our Moto Mundo day 9-10th of May. wonderful! We are looking forward to seing you all and cross our fingers for more great spring weather!


15. April, 2009


Moto Mundo day. Click for more info and booking. FREE

Program for the Moto Mundo DAY

23. March, 2009
We are ready with the program for the Moto Mundo Day. We have moved the event to start on Saturday May 9th. We will ride together to an BMW event on Sunday.

Click the picture to read more and booking. FREE!

We are looking forward to meeting you all SATURDAY-SUNDAY May 9-10th!


New wide format at the web site!

New www format!

23. March, 2009
Like you most likely have noticed the website has changed format. With the new wide size there's room for even more photos. We hope you like the new look.

Unfortunately Fire Fox does not display the site just right. We use Safri ourselves and at least here it looks fine.

Hi from Ida and Emil -the web master.


Do you receive the newsletter?

Do you receive the newsletter -lots of error notifications!

17. March, 2009
Remember to sign up again for the newsletter if you have changed your email address. If you have not received it today we might not have your valid email address.

You may also send me an email with subject line "NEW EMAIL".

Se previously send newsletters under NEWSLETTER here at the website. (note that the last three are missing due to a technical error)


Share your travel pictures on Facebook

Moto Mundo on Facebook

17. March, 2009
We have created a Facebook Moto Mundo group. In here you will find travel friends and you can upload your pictures and see others'.

Copy paste this address to join:



New pictures from cuba

15. March, 2009
See pictures from the last Cuba trip -our most Scandinavian to date with travel companions from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We welcome all nationalities.


Cuba 2009

20. February, 2009

We just came back with a All-Scanidinavian group riding everything from Harley Road Kings, Yamaha MT-01, BMW K1200 GT and BMW GS 800. Get your own bike to Cuba with Moto Mundo and experience this unique island with its beautyful and sensual people.

NEW FOR 2010: Ride from Havana to the wild and tropical East-Cuba.


Ride across the states! Not the shortest route but one of the most stunning!

pictures on the coast to coast tour across the usa

1. February, 2009
Get a visual appetizer off the landscapes that you will ride though on the coast to coast tour aroxx teh usa. There is now pictures on the tour description.


BMW-dealer Lars Haldrup and Hjalte Tin


17. January, 2009
150 motorcyclists braved winterfrost and turned up in Lars Haldrup's well-known BMW-dealership in Ålborg to hear Hjalte tell about Moto Mundo's plans for 2009. A grand tour from New Orleans to San Francisco is among new offers for 2009. Moto Mundo returns to South Africa in October 2009. A very successfull tour that quickly sold out in 2008.


moto mundo success in chile


6. December, 2008
On 12 KTM 604s we have explored Chile's Atacama desert and the high Andes. Super curves along the breathtakinig Pacifi Coast and tough trails in 4500 meters hight between smoking vulcanos. One of the Earts most extreme and beautiful landscapes. Deserted mine-towns, Inca fortresses and the metropol Santiago. Chilean wine, the fine Cristal beer, big, juicy steaks, excellent sea-food and Chile's national drink pisco sour. We have tried it all and return next year. Join us!


New photos from South Africa!

More than 3000 km through the tip of Africa!

27. October, 2008
15 Moto Mundo travellers landed after a long journey through South Africa. More than 3000 km on paved and unpaved roads. Have a look at the pictures from the tour. You will find both wine tasting, animals, town ships, good dinners, stunning landscapes and much more!


Adolfo, Moto Mundo's man in Havana, in Denmark with Soeren Vestergaard


29. September, 2008
Soeren and Helle, participants in our Cuba tours '07 and '08, invited Adolfo, our wonderful Cuban partner, to Dernmark, to meet all his Danish friends. He got a whirlwind two-week tour of Denmark with everything from Denmark's largest MC-gathering to a ride on the world's largest MC, the Triumph Rocket 3. And he experienced our life in Denmark so different from life in Cuba. While he was in Denmark Cuba was hit by hurricanes and it was a though homecoming. He wrote to us:

Hello my friend, Yes it´s like you said, it's not so easy to come back from your calm and beautiful country to my country with all the common problems and over it all the chaos resulting from those hurricanes. Our situation is terrible, the family is ok, in the city we got not so many problems, just some old house from old Habana came down but nobody died for that, but in the country many people lost everything, all the agricultural system is down, many farm communities are still without electricity. In Pinar del Rio many of the big electricity towers are down. Rght now we have not so many things to buy in the Agro-markets... imagine in the future, so I don´t know what to say, what to think... Anyway we have to survive, we have already been making it for many years now so... we are not going to die.


Painted Desert in Arizona

Grand Canyon, native americans and much more from Arizona

26. September, 2008
See the picture from our latest tour in Arizona. Click the picture and see more stunning landscapes and delightful Harleys!


Nwe pictures from Burning Man

5. September, 2008
There's still desert dust in our hair after this year's Burning Man. We have had an amazing tour and you can see pictures from it here on the site. Click the picture and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the newest pictures.

We are allready looking forward to next year's Burning Man -and you are welcome to join us!


Sukhee (left) with his co-pilot at the prize-cerimony in Ulanbator


15. August, 2008
Again this year Sukhee, which drives the support-car on our Moto Mundo tours, won a prize in the 4000 km international Rally Mongolia. This year he won bronze in the car-class in his Landcruiser. Congratulations Sukhee!


Join us on KTMs on a tour to the world's highest vulcanos

sold out! CHILE 13-28 NOV. all sold out

11. August, 2008
Two persons had to cancel their bookings from the sold-out Chile tour 13-28 nov. 2008. Join us on KTM 640s through the far north Chile and experience the Pacific Ocean, the Atacama desert, Inca ruins, the Andes and the big city of Santiago. 2000 km asphalt and off-road up to 4500 m altitude! World-class nature parks. Two seats is now available. 4000 ? including KTM 640, 3000 ? 4X4 seat. Air-fare not included. THE TWO AVAILABLE SEATS HAVE BEEN SOLD


Moto Mundo gives pieces of travel advices in Urban

Moto Mundo as the newspaper Urban's travel advisers

6. August, 2008
Moto Mundo has been invited by the free city newspaper Urban to be part of their travel advisory board. Once a week for six weeks Moto Mundo will share travel ideas and recommandations.


We had a great tour in Mongolia, see the new pictures.

New pictures from Mongolia

18. July, 2008
Mongolia was kind to us this year with great weather, We enjoyed the unusally green steppes. See the new pictures. Click the picture to see more photos.


Come along to Cuba girls!

women's tour to cuba

23. June, 2008
You can now read about the women-only tour to Cuba on the site. The Moto Mundo women-only tour goes to Cuba in 2009. Departure February 19th 2009, duration 14 days.

Guide on the tour is Ida Tin.

You will ride your own bike, and we take care of all practicalities. Cuba is an easy country to tour on a motorcycle. Cuba has good roads and very little traffic. Everyone can join no matter what bike they ride. And everyone is very welcome! Best regards Ida

Click the picture to read more about the tour.


MC Day, June 14th 2008, Jyllandsringen (race track in Denmark).

Moto Mundo visits the MC Day at Jyllandsringen

16. June, 2008
Jyllandsringen sat the scene for the MC Day. An event organised by several motorcycle magazines. Moto Mundo told about the tours twice and showed slides from Vietnam, Cuba, Arizona and several of the other places we do tours. Many had to patiently stand up as all the seats where taken. Out doors we had a chance to say hello to some of the people who has travelled with us, tell more about the tours and hear about all the travel plans. We say thanks for a great day and see you at next years MC Day!


Russian Isch-motorbikes carry the load in Mongolia


16. June, 2008
Ida and Hjalte wishes everyone a great holiday and many fun kilometres on the bike.


a day trip to the country side

12. June, 2008
Brobjergmølle Kro is perhaps one of Denmark's most exotic bed and breakfast places with their African safari tents, animals you would normally find in a zoo and its location is stunning in the western part of Denmark. A whole big group of Moto Mundo travellers and other motorcycle riders made it a day trip to in bright sunshine to go visit. Ether the owner of the place generously offered coffee and cake to all. We say many thanks for a great and social day with both good company a wonderful ride through Jutland and delicious treats.


tour to chile sold out

28. May, 2008
Our pioneer-tour to north Chile is already sold out. Moto Mundo invites to join us next year to see the Atacama desert and the high Andes. A unique opportunity to experience world-class nature on a KTM. 16 days, departure from Copenhagen. Read the whole program on our Chile-page.


300 long-distance MCs attend Tesch Travel Treff

Hjalte invited to Tesch Travel Treff in Germany

2. May, 2008
Hjalte was invited by the motorcycle-travel-guru Bernd Tesch to his 50th Tesch Travel Treff in the Eifel-mountains near Aachen. Here people gather that have gone round the world or plan to do it in search of advice and tall stories from the road.


Women's only tour Arizona 2008

Successful women's only tour in the USA

22. March, 2008
Check out the new gallery with photos from the women-only tour in Arizona, USA. Grand Canyon, the Hopi Native Americans, giant cacti and an unexpected hail shower in the desert were just some of all the experiences we had in our intensive 12-day tour. The girls were not stingy with the throttle and rode safely from beginning to end.

We will do a special women-only tour again next year - to Cuba!


Click the image to see more photos from Cuba and Chile

New photos here on the website!

8. March, 2008
Now you can find pictures from this years tour to Cuba. They are mixed with photos from earlier tours. There are a lot of sunshine on those shots!

We have also made a whole new photo gallery with pictures from the stunning Chile. For inspiration and as a teaser for our Chile tour.


arizona and a special host


5. March, 2008
Jakob Nielsen experienced on the Moto Mundo Nov. '07 tour of Arizona such a great host in the Heritage Inn in the tiny town Snowflake that he just published a whole story about her on his web-site

Heritage Inn is only of of the special lodgings you will experience on the Moto Mundo tour of Arizona. Join us on the next - 11-19 sep. 2008.


See all 15 illustrations of riding technique. Click the picture.

Free illustrated riding technique course here on the site

18. February, 2008
We have made little illustrated course on how to ride curves on a motorcycle. Through 15 drawings with text you can get a few tips and tricks to get through curves safely.

Idea and design by Ida Tin

Copyright©2006-2009 Moto Mundo Aps


Nimbus'es in cuba

8. February, 2008
Soren turned heads everywhere we went on Cuba with his beard and his shinning Nimbus - the Danish motorcycle. 8 perfectly restored Nimbus, plus MZ, Yamaha, Honda and Aprilia, all shipped from Denmark, did a wonderful tour of Cuba in glorius weather.

Perhaps you and people from your club would also like to tour Cuba on your own bikes - old or new ones?

The tour is always open for both individuals and groups.


Ida in the news paper Berlingske on February 9th.

4. February, 2008
In the dansih news paper Berlingske there will be an interview with Ida on February 9th.

If you read Danish, you can see the article free of charge here.

You may also just seach Ida Tin on the front page pf, and you will see it.


New and to the core tour. And that at a lower price! Click the picture to read more.

Vi have redesigned the Burning Man tour. Now with a lower price!

14. January, 2008
We go straight for the it on this new redesigned tour to Burning Man. No detours and longer time at the festival. See the new program and the new lower price. This tour has as the only one a special discount for people younger than 35!!



14. December, 2007
On the famous Malecon in Havana famous people and groups has been honored with plaques on the sidewalk. Fangio, the famous race-driver is here. The Club of Classical Motorbikes is behind this initiative and has awarded Moto Mundo, one of the pioneers of motorcycle-tourism on Cuba its own plaque. More photos from the event on /photos/cuba/146-148.


now also on harleys. moto mundo in arizona


10. December, 2007
Arizona welcomed Moto Mundo's first group with deep-blue skies, crisp mornings, cacti, Grand Canyon and super cruising highways. Ida had travelled the whole route in advance on her Aprilia and found the best spots. Highlights were staying with the Hopis and the 4000 aircrafts at Pima Airbase. Special hotels, wholesome food and clear weather. Go with Moto Mundo to Arizona in March (women only) and September 2008.



2. November, 2007
Hjalte, 6 Swedes, 9 Danes on a fantastic adventure in the most diverse country in Africa. Pause at the Indian Ocean, on a BMW, dressed by Duells of Sweden.


Surprise snow in Sierra Springs, California

freezing desert

23. October, 2007
It was a bit of a surprise to wake up and find my bike covered in snow! I am travelling in mountain and high desert areas and it is fall. I have had snow three times and more below freezing nights than i can count. The sky is high and clear and in many ways this is the perfect time of the year to be here - the trees along the rivers stands bright yellow and i avoid the ruthless temperatures in summer and the mean winter days. There are not many tourists here but campsites and the like are still open.

I have been to California, Nevada and Utah. Now I am heading for Arizona where I am meeting Hjalte and the other travellers who are going to enjoy Grand Canyon and many other things in Arizona.

I have already seen so much spectacular nature and you too can have a look. Click Photos.


See more pictures from Idas desert trip. Click "photos"

Follow Ida around the USA

10. October, 2007
You can now see pictures from Ida desert trip here in the website. Click on photos. The latest pictures are from Death Valley.


da by the coast of California, photo by Chris Murphy

travel letter 1
arrival to the usa

4. October, 2007
What a great sensation to unpack my motorcycle in San Francisco! Months of preparation, organising and waiting had indeed brought my bike all the way in good condition.

I was excited to try and fit all my belongings onto the bike - satellite terminal, computer, tent and all the other stuff. See if it could be done! The side bags from Aprilia are tiny. A month into my tour I am still getting rid of items every day. Ever items must have several purpose of uses when travelling on at motorcycle!

The Aprilia has been equipped with a crash bar for safety and be be able to carry extra gas and water for the long desert rides. I am happy to experience that the steering qualities of the bike are still brilliant, even with +40 pounds around the engine.

This morning I am heading off from Yosemite National Park. A valley surrounded by steep and dramatic cliffs and huge trees. A magical place and a huge wilderness where one can wander for days. I am happy seeing and breathing in the nature from my bike, and today i am passing a 9000" pass - I am crossing my fingers to avoid snow. I have already once been surprised by a snow storm.


Moto Mundo and bmw dealer Xpedit make the dream tour to northern Norway august 1 - 10th 2008

3. October, 2007
Use the time to explore the dramatic nature in northern Norway - on on the long way up there. You fly into Tromsø where your own motorcycle awaits you. Ida and Hjalte are guides. Read the programe on this website.


16. September, 2007


30. August, 2007


28. August, 2007


Desert with hail, huge vultures and gigantic nature in Mongolia

17. July, 2007
Sukhee and our other Mongolian partners have led Hjalte and the other Mongolia-travellers trough both heat and hail, desert, steppe, plains, small rivers, sand and mud, stones and past ruins, monasteries, nomad families, horse racing, wrestling and sand dunes. They have had a great trip and you can see pictures from the tour and also last years'. Press FOTO.

If you'd like to be part of the adventure next year you can book a hefty KTM motorcycle or a seat in the 4X4 car.


cuba trip sold out

17. July, 2007
The tour to Cuba is sold out, but luckily the are many other tours that might tempt you :-)

How about Arizona in November for example?


The full article (in Danish can be found at

ida test drives bandit

16. July, 2007
From MC-Basen, Den Blå Avis (extract):

"48 year old test driver of MC-Basen Peter Rahbæk is meeting up with 28 year old travel guide and adventure motorcyclist Ida Tin from Moto Mundo. Purpose: To test drive Suzuki GSF 650 Bandit ABS, the bike of the year in Denmark together and discuss its advantages and drawbacks.

Ida Tin says:

This bike is grey-blue. Like a nice suite one is tempted to add. The machine obey orders so one has to come up with the fun oneself. The bike steers exactly as asked to; no sudden jerks, no surprising sounds or wired movements. the bike is sturdy and all sits firmly.

Let's see what it can do i says laughing to Peter who is busy testing the wild Aprilia Tuono Factory with all the expensive gear. It costs more than triple the price of Suzuki's little Bandit.

Peter Rahbæk comments:

Ida is right: The Bandit is a bit grey, but definitely good value. It is the motorcycle's equivalent of Toyota Corolla: EVERYTHING seem steady and in all respects good enough. But also I miss a little edge and craziness. The Bandit is almost too nice and polite.."


Women's tour to Arizona, the USA in March 2008!

women's tour in partnership with Politiken (Danish newspaper)

4. July, 2007
Get a few kilometres in your tires. In March Ida Tin will guide a tour to Arizona, the USA. Departure March 9th. 2008

Click the photo and read more!


ida into deserts

11. May, 2007
I, Ida, am planning a longer trip in the south-western part of the US and in northern Mexico. I want to go and have a closer look at the amazing nature, not least the magnificent and very diverse deserts that can be found in that area. It is where Grand Canyon is, the great cactus trees, the Colorado River, death Valley and many more fantastic places.

The tour starts already in August with going to Burning Man in the Nevada Desert and I am looking forward to roam Route 66 with those of you joining the Arizona USA Classic tour in November!

Come along to Burning Man August 23rd!

Come along to Arizona departing November 9th!

If anyone know of motorcycle clubs or other great people I should visit do drop me a line!



Nicola on Cuba 07

MC meet at Borbjerg Mølle Kro

11. May, 2007
Esther who travelled with Moto Mundo this spring to Cuba has taken initiative to four motorcycle gatherings; June 5th, July 3rd, August 7th and September 4th. more info:

All who went to Cuba is meeting at Esther's on Sunday June 17th so see pictures and say hello. All others who a curious about the Cuba trip is very welcome as well.

We are going to Cuba again in February 08.


Ida member of Danish Women Adventurers

23. April, 2007
Ida has become a member of Danish Women Adventurers. A club for women who has adventure blood in their veins and who realise their desire for travelling and experiencing the adventure. The club was founded in 1954 and since then there has been a line of remarkable and brave women, the first woman with a flight certificate in Denmark, Greenland travellers, divers, one who has gone on horse back around the world, sailors, mountain climbers and many more. Yes there doesn't seem to be one bit of land that a member hasn't visited at some time. The club has about 50 members today.


23. April, 2007


vietnam wild wonderful varied

17. April, 2007


Meet Ida og HJalte in the telly, newspaper and in the radio

TV2 - Go morgen danmark and P1 radio

17. April, 2007
Ida on Danish national TV. Talks about Moto Mundo, women and motorcycles. April 25th, TV2.

And also on national radio, P1, Thursday April 26th on the same topic.

Hjalte has written an article about the Vietnam tour to Den Blå Avis where you can read it the nearest future.


Cuba 2007

Very good trip to Cuba!

27. February, 2007
We have had a really, really good tour to Cuba. You can see pictures from the tour and read what the paticipants says.


Motorcycle trade fair

2. February, 2007
Moto Mundo is in Cuba while there are trade fairs in Denmark. At the Aprilia/Moto Guzzi stand you can find a flyer from us. We join you in the thoughts - have some great trade fairs!


RejseLiv07 Travel fair in Bella Center

Only motorcycle tour organiser

31. January, 2007
Moto Mundo was at the biggest travel fair in Denmark this weekend with more than 42.000 thousand visitors being the only motorcycle tour operator. MC-Hjørnet and Aprilia had rolled in a nice Pegaso motorbike to our stand where people could have a chat with Ida about the tours and the motorcycle. We thank all the many interested guests who stopped by to hear about the tour to Vietnam, our KickStart package and all the other travels!


More and more women drive motorcycles.

Women want to go on motorcycle tour

15. January, 2007
On one can read about our tour to Cuba and about our participation on the travel fair in Bella Centre on January 26th-28th.


Read more about our Kick Start Package. Click the picture.


2. January, 2007


We are sending off the motorcycles - next stop Cuba!

Motorcycles off to cuba!

4. December, 2006
The tour to Cuba has started for the motorcycles that is now shipped off to Cuba. Now we are looking forward to follow!

It was a joyful day when all the people travelling to Cuba met in the house in Mørke for an information meeting and to load the motorcycles at the harbour in Århus.

There is still a single seat in the support car if you would like to experience Cuba. Departure February 4th.


The Moto bear turns one year!

Happy birthday

23. November, 2006
The creative shared office Republikken at Vesterbro housed our 1 year birthday this Monday. Decorated with Mexican paper cut flags in the ceiling and champagne on the tables we celebrated the day together with costumers, partners, friends and other good people. Thanks a lot to all of you who made the day cheerful and thanks for all the fine gifts - we were surprised so many of you had thought about that - since we hadn't!

We told about the history of Moto Mundo and about the tours we have done and the ones coming. You can read about all of that here on the site.

Once again thanks for the first year. Without all off you we would not have been! Warm regards Ida and Hjalte.


Hjalte on the road

Dear Motorcycle people!

Hjalte Tin from Moto Mundo would like to pay you a visit!

17. November, 2006
If you like it we will visit your club or motorcycle store. Hear about the background of Moto Mundo (amongst other things our trip to Cuba on an Ural), see pictures from our first tours - off road in Mongolia, great nature and wild culture in California, and a girls tour in Denmark - and be with us when we tell about the coming tours.

If you would like to have us visiting then give us a call to find a time. It doesn't cost you anything to have us paying you a visit.

Best regards and see you soon Hjalte Tin


Enjoy the winter in the Caribbean Sea

Cuba tour ready for departure

10. November, 2006
We are starting to look forward to our Cuba tour and are excited to meet our travel companions very soon. That will also be the day when we get the motorcycles ready for their trip across the Atlantic!

If you would like to join us you can still make it - but then you need to move fast!


Mongolian planes and the Gobi desert

More pictures from Mongolia

10. November, 2006
We have op loaded even more pictures. You can explore the Mongolian gallery and see photos of desert, planes, horses, humans and naturally motorcycles!


Moto Mundo turns 1 year

26. October, 2006
It is a year ago since we, Hjalte and Ida, shook hands on heading out on a new adventure - Moto Mundo.

We have managed the first sharp curves - not least thanks to YOUR help! Come set a milestone with us. We light the birthday-cake and show a few pictures from the three first tours we have been at, to Mongolia, Burning Man in the US and a girls-only tour to Bornholm.

No reservation necessary - just meet up.

We hope to see you!

Best regards Ida and Hjalte Tin

It takes place at "Republikken"

Vesterbrogade 24, Copenhagen V

Monday, November 20, 2006, 4-7PM

If you have any questions you are welcome to give us a call at

Ida 23838073

Hjalte 51553865


Now you can find Moto Mundo at

Now at

26. October, 2006
"We are happy to have Moto Mundo's motorcycle travels at Ida and Hjalte are from their many travels very inspiring guides to make the experience unique. You really get close to the foreign cultures and feel free by driving the bike yourself," says text writer Nana Emilie Grew.


Burning Man in the dusk. Click on the photo to see more pictures.

Pictures from Burning Man

19. October, 2006
Now you can see pictures from our wild and wonderful tour to USA and Burning Man!

It was a huge experience and we are already looking forward to return to the Nevada Desert and close to 40000 other Burners ( a Burner is a person who has been to Burning Man before)! We would like you to join us - on a motorcycle or in our big RV.


Read about the girls tour to Bornholm

Read about the girls tour to Bornholm

30. September, 2006
Ida has written a short article for Den Blå Avis about the girls tour to Bornholm. You can read about a weekend with sun, tarmac and women's laughter. We run away again next year and you can just sign up!


Mongolia 2006

read about our tour to mongolia

30. September, 2006
In the latest issue of Touring Nyt one can read about our tour through Mongolia. Hjalte has written about his experiences and a couple of the participants has also contributed.

You can already now book your tour to Mongolia 2007.


See pictures from Cuba

Pictures from Cuba

22. September, 2006
We are doing the last preparations for the Cuba tour. We are in close contact with Adolfo, our friend and local partner in Cuba. we have planned a tour where you a real authentic motorcycle journey through Cuba and get to see both the cities and the countryside - on your own bike! A unique possibility to enjoy the good climate on the island and meet Cubans who do not lack life energy and happiness.

22. September, 2006
Before long you will be able to see Moto Mundo at ("experience-gifts".dk) where you can find a gift to people who loves experiences.


There are people in all kind of fancy dresses -also in Adam's dress.

Now we too are burners!

22. September, 2006
It has been a huge experience to see California, Nevada and to participate in the Burning Man event. 38.000 people gather in the desert to build art installations, party, to dress up in fancy clothes and to meet all kind of people. It is an event where the is no spectators, only participants - and every one is welcome!

We drove more than 2000 km through some of the States' most splendid nature. A gorgeous tour on a motorcycle.


Moto Mundo on travel trade fair

Come meet us in Bella Center

14. August, 2006
We have got a stand at the travel trade fair in Bella Center in January 26-28th January. You can find us in the Adventurer corner. Look out for a motorcycle!


Gatherings in the Danish motocycle summer

Moto Mundo hits the road with Aprilia

7. August, 2006
One cannot wish for better motorcycle-summer-weather and we enjoy driving around the Danish motorcycle landscape on our Aprilia's. Ida popped in at Runnin'Free gathering and Hjalte visited a Moto Guzzi get together. It is great meeting all you motorcycle enthusiasts on all kind of motorcycles. Vi tell about Moto Mundo and get many fun stories in return.


Billede from Rotary's home page

Visiting Rotary

27. July, 2006


Exotic Vietnam. The tour description is ready!

25. July, 2006
NEW: VIETNAM... Turn to the tour-description of our Easter-tour to Asia's most seductive country. Go on a motorcyle tour in Vietnam.


South Africa LAST CHANCE!
We leave for Mandela's country on October 10. It is NOW you have to sighn up, if you want to join us for a real motorcycle treat in one of Africa's most stunning countries.

25. July, 2006
..."After breakfast it is time to head for the Transkei, where the great Madiba, former president Nelson Mandela, was born. You will see why this region is cdalled the wild coast. Endless unspoilt sandy beaches as far as the eye can see and dramatic cliffs. This is South Africa at its most African with colourfull rondavels dotting the green hills."....


Tin racing in Northern Norway

24. July, 2006
Eskil Tin who is Hjalte's brother has rebuild an Italian police motorcycle. It has become a brutal racing machine. In Northern Norway it was fully tested! Eskil participated in Nordic Classic Racing in Rana in Mo, Northern Norway at the Arctic Circle Raceway. The class was Formula 80-87 with bikes from that period. His bike is a rebuild Moto Guzzi 850 T5 Polizia from 1986.


Gobi desert and green steppes

19. July, 2006
All travellers are well home after our very successful tour to Mongolia. 2100 km through grand nature seen from dirt roads. Mongolia has made deep imprints into our minds and we aleady look forward to go back next year. The Gobi desert with huge sand dunes, horses on the great plains and felt tents with friendly nomads. We are filled up with magnificent views and strange smells of wild thyme growing across the steppes and with the sensation of playful off-road driving.

Stay tuned the next days and see photos from Moto Mundo in Mongolia.


We are rolling!

30. June, 2006
We're now in Mongolia on our first tour with Moto Mondo!! We're looking forward to tell you more and show pictures here on the website when we're back home on July 16th.

Bookings can still be made here from the website while we're on tour, put it might take a little longer until we're able to answer personally.


Intense weekend tours

25. June, 2006
Together with den Blå Avis we have planed five short tours. During the summer we travel to destinations that we can reach in a weekend. Unusual and exotic places near by. Tours for you who does not have the time for a long adventure tour.


Burning Man -we are on our way!

12. June, 2006
We have rented California's biggest mega auto camper and a Harley! We are on our way to Burning Man. There is still a seat or two for any one wanting to join us for at great experience. If you want to go, it is now!


Club of travelling People (De Berejstes Klub)

12. June, 2006
Café Globen was packed and the temperature appropriate for the theme of the night -the Atacama Desert of Chile. Ida told about her motorcycle travel through the northern part of Chile.

The next occasion to hear Ida tell about her trip will be in Ålborg on September 26th, at Huset.



12. June, 2006
In last weeks issue of Femina (Danish women's magazine) you can see what came out of a tour on a Triumph and a long conversation with a great journalist. Ida tells about a life with motorcycle travels.


Duells dresses up Moto Mundo

24. May, 2006
One needs clothing -and good stuff that is! That's why Moto Mundo has jumped into juicy Arlen Ness clothes -delivered by Duells in Denmark. The gear is going to be well tested and we are looking forward to travel wrapped up in quality clothing with lots of safety built into it. In case you are getting tempted we have a link to Duells at our link site.


Short and cheap

10. May, 2006
Would you like us to make shorter trips to Sweden, Norway, Germany or in Denmark? Send us a mail!

The photo is from Northern Jutland


TV2 Northern Jutland

10. May, 2006
If one lives in Northern Jutland one has been able to se Hjalte and Henning Bitsch in the TV. The occasion was our tour to Mongolia where Henning will be a participant.

Huset (cultural event house) in Ålborg hosted the event and that is also where we will tell about the tour to Mongolia and other travels later this year.


Our numbers increase!

25. April, 2006
10.000 of the Danish motorcycles are driven by women. In 2005 more than 100.000 motorcycles were registred in Denmark. Ten years ago it was only 52.000. So things are moving in the right direction :-)


Triumph of Copenhagen

19. April, 2006
Hans-Jørgen Kordovsky from Triumph of Copenhagen in København was so kind as to let Ida drive a stunning Thruxton 900 Triumph. The occation was a photo shoot for a feature in the Danish womens magazine Femina. That might tempt one of the readers to become the first female rideres of this cool bike. Thanks a lot to the Kordovsky brothers!

Photo: Klaus Boesen


Slangerup offered a little test drive

17. April, 2006
Ida had a little test drive on this Kawasaki ER ... an easy cycle to ride. It IS fun to drive a little fast Ida laughs as she gets off the bike after the trip.

Thanks for leting it out!


Opening of "Bakken" -the first big MC event in Denmark

17. April, 2006
It did rain, but it looked good anyway with so many bikes. We put the winter behind us and welcome the new seson with this years first motorcycle event.

Moto Mundo was there handing out flyers :-)


145 cm tall and driving off road?

4. April, 2006
How long-legged do you have to be to be to drive off raod on the mongolian steppe? Our Mongolian partners answers that they have had Japaneese costumers 145 cm tall who drove their Honda's without problems! Great!


Motorrad -Germany's great motorcycle magazine

4. April, 2006
Wauw! We just received a very friendly mail from Das Motrorad, Europe's leading motorcycle magazine. The travel-editor writes he likes our new travel venture, especially the destinations. Not bad to hear from a man who has travelled all around the globe -several times!


Metro Xpress

27. March, 2006
Today Ida was contacted by Metro Xtress who would like to have a feature with Moto Mundo this friday at the cover of their travel section. Great!


Vordingborg and Randers

27. March, 2006
Hjalte has been in Randers and Ida in Vordingborg. We say hello to the motorcycle people in the shops of the motorcycle dealers.


Danish Travel Safety Fond

27. March, 2006
Moto Mundo is well in the process of becoming a member of the Danish Travel Fond (Rejsegarantifonden freely translated :-)) Then every one is on safe grounds.


Moto Mundo on tour

24. March, 2006
We are saying hello to the spring happy motorcycle people and tell about the tours to every one interested.

19 marts Kolding Mini Motor- 25 marts Mc Center i Vordingborg - 26 marts Harrys Motor Service i Randers - 30 marts når Bakken åbner - 1 april Off Road Klubben i Finderup - 1 april Aagensen i København - 2 april MC Gaarden i Slangerup - 15 april Masi i Næstved


Tours are now being sold

7. March, 2006


Moto Mundo in Bike

7. March, 2006


Moto Mundo at

28. February, 2006
Moto Mundo was invitet to write about driving motorcycle for's news letter which is sent to 12.000 readers. Ida wrote a article which can be found on their page.


Two generations of world travellers

28. February, 2006
Ida met with Bernd Tesch in Copenhagen. Bernd probably is one of the people who has driven the most kilometres an years on motorcycle all over the globe. Bernd gives good advices and say encouraging that he with his would wide view can say that there is no one like Ida. That there is no one at her age that has travelled so much on motorcycle, being a woman and now making trips in the world.

Stories are told and coffee drunken, spoken of the next big World Travellers gathering which Bernd is organising in Germany where he lives. Read more about the gathering at Bernd's web site which we have a link to at our link site.


MC trade fair show in Copenhagen

27. February, 2006


New Logo!

27. February, 2006
From today you can see our new logo in the top left corner of the site!


Pre Booking is now possible!

22. February, 2006
You can already now submit a pre booking directly here from the site. At the top of the describtion of the individual destinations, you will find a link to Booking.


Routes for Cuba and Mongolia tours

22. February, 2006
You can now read about the routes on tours to Cuba and Mongolia here on the site!


Hjalte and Nina home from Cuba

11. February, 2006
Nina and Hjalte returned from Cuba yesterday after two great months in Cuba. Hjalte have done research for the Cuba trip in February 2007.

More information about the trip will be added to the site. Sign up for the newsletter!



7. February, 2006
Tyrkey is troubled with avian flue and the conflict between Denmark and the Middle East over the Muhammed cartoons. Therefore we have chosen to put the tour to Turkey on a hold.



12. December, 2005
Moto Mundo is now online! We look forward to tell more much about the tours we offer.

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