About Moto Mundo

"Moto" means motorcycle and "Mundo" means the world in Spanish and Portuguese.

Moto Mundo was started in 2006 by Ida and Hjalte Tin, who together and separately have visited all the world's countries and almost every continent on motorcycles.

The idea behind Moto Mundo is, as far as possible, to ride your own motorcycle, to get close to the locals and experience unique things, on the journey chosen.

Søren Vestergaard took over the company in 2013 and has since taken up almost all trips that have been offered.

Søren is a trained mechanic and has worked with this subject since 1975. He is a very experienced motorcyclist and travels between 20 and 25,000 km every year. Has driven to distant destinations himself and does the work of the planning itself, to make the trips work optimally.

Every year he makes new initiatives for exciting destinations, but a journey is fixed every year and it is the journey to Cuba, which has now been run 12 times.

Moto Mundo offers tours based on the rush of sitting on a motorbike, but at the same time providing amazing natural experiences, cultural highlights, adventures and great social moments. At the same time, the tours are planned with a focus on maximum comfort and safety. All participants should be able to say afterwards: "Definitely an adventurous experience!"

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